Entrepreneurial and Emerging Business Law

Creating a new business from scratch can be terrifying and exciting. During the start-up phase, founders must take risks and leaps of faith, watch cash flow like a hawk, adapt rapidly, stay action-oriented and nimble, and maintain focus on the long-term vision.

Entrepreneurs are often extremely busy. They don’t have much time or attention to devote to analyzing complicated legal concepts. You need to trust that your attorney understands — on both practical and theoretical levels — how to get a business like yours operational and sustainable.

How UL Can Help

UL can help you meet complex, rapidly shifting legal burdens and guide you as you strive to get to the next phase of business growth. UL has deep insights into what entrepreneurs need (and, perhaps more importantly, what they don’t need). UL knows how to address the concerns, doubts and help entrepreneurs thrive, despite the lean budgets, cash uncertainty and general chaos of start-up.

Our start up legal services can help you:

  • Select an entity and form your business
  • Obtain commercial loans or other funding
  • Draft agreements for suppliers, customers, vendors and subcontractors
  • Develop an asset protection plan for your business
  • Protect intellectual property that you develop, including copyrights and trademarks
  • Handle employment law issues, including hiring independent contractors, consultants and full time employees

UL seeks to understand the aspirations of our entrepreneurial clients. Our goal is be there to assist with the surprise setbacks and serendipitous opportunities that define the entrepreneurial journey.

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Services for Businesses

Business and commercial litigation
UL assists companies with mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, dispute resolution and litigation, buy sell agreements, document drafting and other critical activities to keep businesses profitable and compliant.
Administrative Law
State and federal rules and regulations create challenges both for individuals and companies. UL assists with these and other regulatory and compliance matters.
From business formation to dissolution agreements, UL can assist with the preparation of contracts for you. UL’s goal is to help our clients avoid litigation proceedings, but UL can also assist you with litigation surrounding contract disputes.
Emerging Business Formation and Law
Entrepreneurs face unique risks and business challenges. UL assists with entity formation, funding, compliance, hiring and other start up related legal needs.
Government Investigations
UL provides a broad range of legal services to client’s faced with investigations by federal and state agencies, regulatory actions and internal investigations.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
UL knows what it means to effectively litigate matters both inside and outside the courtroom. Effective litigation and representation may sometimes mean walking clients through alternative methods of dispute resolution to avoid the expense and time associated with a long legal battle.
Labor & Employment Defense
UL works with business entities to take proactive steps to avoid many pitfalls that employers tend to make in hiring and handling employment issues. UL also zealously defends businesses when they face legal action by third parties.

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