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Upkins Law, PLLC was founded on a simple premise:

Make law simple.

Upkins Law, PLLC (UL) is located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. When most people and business owners think about the law, they imagine confronting a complicated, antiquated system and in many respects that belief is true. But, UL takes a starkly different approach. UL seeks to make the law easier and more “digestible” for its clients, no matter the practice area. Because of that premise, UL delivers high quality work and favorable outcomes which results in high client satisfaction.

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UL offers the following legal services to individuals:

UL can assist with the preparation or interpretation of contracts for you. UL’s goal is to help our clients avoid litigation proceedings, but UL can also assist you with litigation surrounding contract disputes.
Estate planning
UL works with clients to prepare key life planning documents, minimize tax consequences, shield assets from creditors and ensure the security of the next generation.
Family and Divorce Law
UL has obtained extremely favorable outcomes for its clients in the wake of divorce, child custody, and child support issues.

UL offers the following legal services to businesses of all sizes:

From business formation to dissolution agreements, UL can assist with the preparation of contracts for you. UL’s goal is to help our clients avoid litigation proceedings, but UL can also assist you with litigation surrounding contract disputes.
Business and commercial litigation
UL assists companies with mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, dispute resolution and litigation, buy sell agreements, document drafting and other critical activities to keep businesses profitable and compliant.
Administrative Law
State and federal rules and regulations create challenges both for individuals and companies. UL assists with these and other regulatory and compliance matters.
Emerging Business Law
Entrepreneurs face unique risks and business challenges. UL assists with entity formation, funding, compliance, hiring and other start up related legal needs.
Government Investigations
UL provides a broad range of legal services to client’s faced with investigations by federal and state agencies, regulatory actions and internal investigations.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
UL knows what it means to effectively litigate matters both inside and outside the courtroom. Effective litigation and representation may sometimes mean walking clients through alternative methods of dispute resolution to avoid the expense and time associated with a long legal battle.
Labor & Employment Defense
UL works with business entities to take proactive steps to avoid many pitfalls that employers tend to make in hiring and handling employment issues. UL also zealously defends businesses when they face legal action by third parties.

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Practice Areas

How UL Helps Businesses
    • Contracts
    • Business and Commercial Litigation
    • Administrative Law
    • Emerging Business Formation and Law
    • Government Investigations
    • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
    • Labor & Employment Defense
How UL Helps Individuals
    • Contracts
    • Estate Planning
    • Family Law & Divorce
"As one of [Ashley's] clients, I would recommend her to anyone. She is very attentive, proactive, and an overall pleasure to work with it. Whenever I had a question and/ or concern, she was there to thoroughly answer as well as ease my concerns."
"Ashley Upkins represented me on a divorce. I obtained her on July 8, 2015 and my divorce was finalized Dec. 3, 2015. She is very professional, intelligent, smart, and quick to respond. She has a passionate heart, she is a sweetest person that anyone could have to represent them."
"Ms.Upkins is a very professional lawyer, she knows every aspect of the law, in and out. she helped me in my case tremendously! Would recommend to anyone!"