Elder Law

Our Nashville elder law firm solves tough, emotionally complex problems with respect to healthcare decisions, conservatorships, financial planning, and other legal issues.

Perhaps you’ve grown concerned that your elderly mother may be developing signs of dementia, and you want to protect her financially and medically in a respectful, but firm way. Alternatively, maybe you and your spouse worry about the high cost of long term care and disability as you get older, and you need insight into how to protect family assets and properties.

How UL Can Help

Our team can assist with diverse estate planning issues, including:

  • Ensuring that your family legacy is passed on
  • Drafting wills and living trusts to shield your assets
  • Creating other planning documents like Powers of Attorney, HIPAA release forms and advance healthcare directives
  • Conservatorships

Our goal is to help seniors and the family or entity that provides care to be covered and prepared.

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Services for Individuals

estate planning
UL works with clients to prepare key life planning documents, minimize tax consequences, shield assets from creditors and ensure the security of the next generation.
family & divorce law
UL has obtained extremely favorable outcomes for its clients in the wake of divorce, child custody, and child support issues.

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