Estate Planning, Probate Law, Wills & Trusts

The area of law that deals with an individual’s need to protect their assets, ensure their legacies, and create both opportunities and financial security for the next generation.

Wills, Living Trusts and Other Estate Planning Tools

If you prepare a will, your estate will be “testate.” If you don’t, it will be considered “intestate.” In either case, though, your estate will need to go through probate. This is a legal process by which the assets that you’ve accumulated, including property, savings and heirloom possessions, will be distributed to creditors and beneficiaries. Many people seek to avoid probate, because it can be time consuming, costly (legal and court fees can be steep) and contentious, leading to disputes over your intentions or fights over the administration of the estate. A living trust offers an alternative path to prevent your estate from having to go through probate.

Of course, living trusts and wills are not the only planning documents that you can use (or that you might need).

How UL Can Help

UL’s singular focus is to identify your needs and help develop a constructive, strategic approach to handling each client’s estate. UL will help you prepare (or amend) legal documents to ensure that every legal instrument conveys your wishes accurately, in a way that also minimizes tax consequences and creditor claims on your estate.

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Services for Individuals

UL can assist with the preparation or interpretation of contracts for you. UL’s goal is to help our clients avoid litigation proceedings, but UL can also assist you with litigation surrounding contract disputes.
estate planning
UL works with clients to prepare key life planning documents, minimize tax consequences, shield assets from creditors and ensure the security of the next generation.
family & divorce law
UL has obtained extremely favorable outcomes for its clients in the wake of divorce, child custody, and child support issues.

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